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Welcome to our selection of kids bedding sets where you will find the best collection of bedding for kids. With Baby Bedding, Toddler Bedding, Children's Bedding, and Teen Bedding we carry the finest fabrics and most updated styles that will make shopping for kids bedding a breeze! Beyond Bedding is committed to not only bringing you the finest bed in a bag and hotel bedding but we also specialize in kids bedding. We guarantee that you will be happy with your kids bedding set because we stand firmly behind the quality of every bedding set! All of the designer kids bedding sets, from ladybug baby bedding to kids bed in a bag sets, are designed and manufactured with only the finest materials. Here you will find bedding for kids from brands such as Sweet Jojo Designs and you can rest assured knowing that your kids bedding set will be crafted with care! And if your little one isn't so "little" anymore then check out our Teen Bedding section where you'll find the unique looks that will even have the most unruly kids saying, "Thanks Mom!" We also have a wide variety of discount kids bedding accessories that will be perfect for decorating your child's room or nursery.

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Decorating your Kids Room
If you're shopping around for kids bedding sets, you are most likely thinking about or have already undertaken the task of redecorating your kid's bedroom. Redecorating any room, whether for an adult or a child, can present its own set of considerations that have to be faced. One of the most important decisions you will face is finding the right kids bedding for your childs room. Your kids bed is the focal point of their room, and it is where they will spend a majority of the time in their bedroom, so it is essential that they are happy with the kids bedding set that you choose. Redecorating can be an overwhelming task, but if you enlist the help of your child and make it a cooperative effort you are sure to work fast and produce a result that brings a smile to their face. Make life easier for yourself by finding great kids bedding that will inspire the redecorating plans in your room.

Age Appropriate
The type of bedding you will be looking at is largely impacted by your childs age. Fortunately, Beyond Bedding offers beautiful luxury kids bedding for kids of all ages. We have beautifully designed bedroom themes for babies, toddlers, young children, and even teenagers. Not matter what the age of your kid, you have found the greatest resource for any parent shopping for kids bedding sets at great prices. If your child is old enough, you should definitely ask them for their input on what type of kids bedding they want in their room. They are the ones who have to see it daily, and if you let them help you as you shop around, you guarantee that the change will be well received. All of the kids bedding sets from Beyond Bedding are sure to please both parent and child, so you are sure to find something you agree on. We offer everything from kids sports bedding themes like our Girls Soccer Childrens Bedding or our Allstar Sports Childrens Bedding, to our fun and trendy Tie Dyed Bedding Sets. Shop together with your child and find out how fun looking for kids bedding can be!

Make it Match
Does your child currently have a mismatched array of kids bed sheets on their bed? The easiest way to create a pulled together look in their bedroom, without even touching anything else, is to find coordinating kids bedding sets. You will be amazed at how much better your childs room will look after you swap out their old kid bedding with something new. Breathe new life in your childs room with one of our kids bedding sets, and you might even find inspiration in our designs that can carry over to the rest of the room. And with a whole line of matching bedroom accessories for each one of our kids bedding sets, your redesign project will be easier than you imagined.

Making the Switch
Once you're chosen the kids bedding set for your childs room, you should try to incorporate some of the style elements to the rest of your kids room. Hang matching wall treatments to instantly add some extra color to the room especially if your child has white walls. If you have the time, think about switching up the wall color in your kids room. Paint is a great cost effective way to add instant drama in any room. If you're short on time, or you think your child might change their mind in a few years, you can add a strip of accent wallpaper along their walls for an easy color fix. The bedding set you chose probably reflected some of your child's interests so take some of their own artwork and have it framed. No matter what your child's age, they are sure to love seeing their own artwork framed and mounted on their walls. By giving the room a good mix of perfectly coordinated accessories with more personal items, you will keep the room youthful but stylish.

The best thing you can do as you shop for kids bedding sets is remember to have fun with it. Listen to what your kid would like to see in their room, and use your experience to help guide them. If you work together with your child on this project, you are sure to make everyone happy and bond over your shared goal.

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