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Youíre putting so much of yourself into putting together your babyís room, and itís so much fun! Now, donít forget to treat yourself, too! Take a look at our beautiful designer totes or handbags at not-so-designer prices! We have a wonderful selection of tote bags and diaper bags to choose from. Our women's tote bags and baby diaper bags combine style and comfort with versatility and function. These handbags are great for everyday, weekend getaways, shopping, or just a lazy day at the beach. You will be the most stylish mom around with our diaper tote bags, which combine function and fashion. These all-around functional bags can be used as a purse, beach tote, knitting bag, book bag, spa tote, diaper tote, small travel bag or just as an every day tote. Go ahead, treat yourself to one of our designer tote bags today!

Pink and Brown Polka Dot and French Toile Handbag (Great for Diaper Bag, Tote Bag, Purse or Beach Bag)
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Important Things to Know About Diaper Bags
Every mom knows that the right bag is crucial to staying organized. Thankfully for style conscious mommies out there, you are no longer forced to choose function over fashion. Once upon a time, moms were forced to cart around cartoonish looking bags that had no regard for style. Beyond Bedding offers designer diaper bags from JoJo Designs that will keep you easily toting all the items you need for your little one, while still looking like an adult. Diaper tote bags are the perfect choice for a mom because you can easily switch out your baby items for anything else you need to cart around, like library books, beach essentials, or even groceries. This option is so great because the style is versatile and can be used for all different kinds of occasions. And once you no longer need to carry bottles and diapers, this style will still be useful for years to come. And the design of the bag has shoulder straps to keep your hands free, which every mom will appreciate!

Keeping Baby Diaper Bags Organized
Have a checklist for your bag. Having a check list is useful for several reasons, you not only keep track of what you need to bring with you wherever you take your baby for outings, but you can also keep track of your current reserve of baby supplies, like if youíll need to stock up on more diapers. Not only that, if you have to leave your baby with a babysitter or grandparents, theyíll know exactly what items are available to them. Plus you can keep track of how often you use the items so you can adjust how you pack accordingly, like packing more baby wipes and less toys depending on your babyís needs. Consider filling out a small card that lists important contact information like your name, address, and phone number if your bag gets lost. Have a second card handy with your pediatrician's number, along with a few emergency contacts. You might already have these numbers programmed into your phones, but friends and family probably donít. Laminating these info cards will ensure that they donít get illegible after a few outings and the inevitable bottle spills.

Pack like a Pro
You might not think your tote bag will hold everything you need to make it through a trip to the park, a dinner out at a restaurant, or a visit with family. But if you pack strategically you will fit everything you need and be prepared for anything your little one throws your way. Think about how long you will be going out for to prioritize what needs to be included in your diaper bag. You will definitely want a diaper for every two hours that you're out, plus a few emergency extras. Include a change of clothes per feeding you plan, and clean bottles for each feeding as well. Also take along a few plastic bags for dirty diapers and soiled clothes. Tuck in a few toys and pacifiers, along with bibs and some warm clothing. Also keep a clean shirt for yourself handy and be sure to bring a bottle of water and snacks to keep your energy up.

Make your Bag a Multi-tasker
An easy way to keep tote bags organized is to stow everything in large slide-top plastic baggies according to item, that way everything stays nice and neat. The clear plastic allows you to easily see what is contained in each baggie. For instance, keep all of you diaper changing essentials packed in one baggie, and all of your snack items packed in a separate bag. The added benefit of this is that when you need to use your diaper bag for solo errands, you can more easily grab a few plastic baggies to switch in items like library books rather than picking out individual items.

Your diaper bag can really be your best friend, it holds all of the things you need to get through public outings with your baby. So itís great to know that you no longer have to choose between bags with plain or unsophisticated designs. The designer diaper bags at Beyond Bedding will keep your style up to date while making sure you are prepared for every day with your baby.

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